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my future russian wife- PLEASE- read. Islandersergiu

my future russian wife- PLEASE- read. Islandersergiu

Hello everybody else. I must say I require an advice so please read this. So let me reveal my tale. I am a Canadian resident who recently came across a woman that is russian. To date every thing went well we are going in a vacation together in October for 2 weeks in Europe between us, we’ve been chatting & talking for more than 2 months and. Now. I happened to be reading a complete great deal of subjects on the net and I also completed when you are more baffled than I became at the start. My concerns are: that is the greatest and quickest means to create her next if you ask me? Will it be better on her behalf to apply first for the visitor visa even though she actually is right here i am going to use as sponsor and she’s going to make an application for a PR? Could it be far better to get hitched outside or when she gets in Canada? If she is applicable for the tourist visa will there be an approach to assist her getting hired (aside from the invite)?

I am hoping for a solution many thanks for the time

The quickest method to carry her physically next to you is on her to try to get a visitor visa. The probability of her getting it will depend on her travel history, family ties home that is back assets/property, funds, and work.

Myself, I do not think it is a good notion to marry while in Canada, considering that the processing time for inland is very long therefore the partner won’t be permitted to keep Canada for just about any explanation. For the hassle free instance with reduced relationship warning flag, outland can get her the PR visa in less than a 12 months. I think, applying outland, then trying to get a visitor visa a while later, which is exactly what my family and I did, may be the way that is best to get: you gain benefit from the faster processing time + power to keep Canada any moment + the partner could be with you because of the visitor visa.

You’ve just understood this woman for approximately 2 months and also have never ever met face-to-face. Even though it’s pretty early to start speaing frankly about wedding because of your position, even better is at the least should you choose opt to sponsor her, you should understand how exactly to do so correctly as to lessen the quantity of time on her to immigrate right here and give a wide berth to delays.